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We are proposing a project that stands out from the rest by its design, respect for the environment, delivery and affordable price. This project will be modern, sustainable and affordable.


This project, led by the architect, is a modern insertion that will integrate naturally into the built landscape. Inside, the open plan concept optimizes the efficiency of space and maximizes natural light distribution while creating a clean, contemporary, living space.


The project is in the process of LEED® for Homes certification with the target of LEED® Gold. Certification is a measure of dedication to minimizing the impact of the construction on the environment, reducing energy consumption and ensuring a healthy and comfortable home.     


With efficient use of space and materials, an intelligent concept and a unique method of project delivery, this project is proof that it is possible to build housing that is well-designed, well-built and energy saving at an affordable cost.


Project delivery planned for November 2019

LEED® Gold certification targeted

3 stories + garden level

Available units (see the PLANS)
Unit 01 - 3 bedrooms + 2 bathrooms - Ground floor + Garden level *SOLD*
Unit 02 - 1 bedroom + 1 bathroom - 2nd floor
Unit 03 - 1 bedroom + 1 bathroom - 3rd floor *SOLD*



The project is well located in a unique and quiet residential neighborhood 20 minutes from the city center by public transport. There are several large parks nearby including Angrignon Park and Ignace-Bourget Park.

The building is conveniently situated on Hurteau Street in the Ville-Émard neighborhood. On foot, in one direction, there is Monk Boulevard, a lively street with restaurants, cafes and bars to discover. In the other direction, you have the Angrignon Mall and several other shopping centers on Newman Boulevard to fulfill all of your shopping needs.


Public transportation
- 3 metro stations
       - Monk - 12 minutes by foot
       - Angrignon - 15 minutes by foot
       - Jolicoeur - 7 minutes by bus
- Multiple bus options connecting directly to the metro, city center and the airport
- Bixi Station
- Car sharing (Car2go and Communauto / Auto-mobile)

- Lachine Canal - 10 minutes by foot
- Angrignon Park - 15 minutes by foot
- Ignace-Bourget Park - 3 minutes by foot

Commercial centres
- Monk Boulevard (restaurants, bars, cafes, theaters and more)
- Angrignon Mall and Newman Boulevard

Grocery stores
- Provigo - 10 minutes by foot, 5 minutes by bus
- IGA - 11 minutes by foot